Marko Galjak

Researcher & Data Scientist


Institute of Social Sciences/

Catalyst Balkans

Belgrade, Serbia

Marko holds a PhD in Demography, complemented by Master’s degrees in both Demography and Computing in Social Sciences. His multi-disciplinary research career extends across demography, public health, computational social science, ethics, and philanthropy.

Currently, he serves as a researcher at the Demographic Research Center, part of The Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade.

Not only a researcher, Marko is also a dedicated activist and has been a key member of civil society since his high school years. Currently, he serves as the Director of Technology at Catalyst Balkans, a nonprofit focusing on regional philanthropy infrastructure. In his role, Marko leads a variety of projects, including AI, Research, and Digital Transformation. These initiatives aim to strengthen the capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) by harnessing the power of IT, data science, and philanthropy intelligence.


Apr 15, 2023 Started working as Research Associate in the Institute of Social Sciences.
Nov 22, 2022 Received a grant for a research project on green transition in Serbia!
Oct 27, 2022 Authored a virtual exhibition of demographic data visualizations.
Jul 15, 2022 Successfully defended PhD thesis 🎓
Aug 5, 2021 Received a grant for a research project on premature mortality in Serbia!