1. PRPR
    Timing and Toll: Europe’s Excess Mortality in the First Three Years of COVID-19
    Ivan Marinković, and Marko Galjak
    Population Research and Policy Review Jun 2024
    Serbia: Policy Response to Demographic Challenges
    Mirjana Rašević, and Marko Galjak
    Jun 2024
  3. Energy Policy
    Public perceptions of fossil and alternative energy in Serbia: Between NIMBYism and nationalism
    Marko Galjak, and Marina Budić
    Energy Policy Jul 2024


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    Discrepancies Between Preliminary and Final COVID-19 Mortality Data – the Case of Serbia
    Marko Galjak, and Ivan Marinković
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  2. EJPH
    Assessing the availability and quality of COVID-19 mortality data in Europe: a comparative analysis
    Ivan Marinković, Ana Tramošljanin, and Marko Galjak
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  3. DEM
    Assessing premature mortality in Serbia: Insights from the Median Age of Years of Life Lost
    Marko Galjak
    Demografija Jul 2023


    Demographic Challenges in Serbia
    Mirjana Rašević, and Marko Galjak
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    Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mortality in Serbia in 2020
    Ivan Marinković, and Marko Galjak
    TEME Jul 2021
  2. DEM
    The Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Premature Mortality in Serbia in 2020
    Marko Galjak
    Demografija Nov 2021
  3. BMC Med Ethics
    What drives public attitudes towards moral bioenhancement and why it matters: an exploratory study
    Marina Budić, Marko Galjak, and Vojin Rakić
    BMC Medical Ethics Dec 2021
  4. STNV
    Excess mortality in Europe and Serbia during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020
    Ivan Marinković, and Marko Galjak
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  1. ERNOP
    Philanthropy in the Western Balkans: A Network Analysis Report on Giving in the Region
    Marko Galjak
    In Philanthropy in the Spotlight? Resources, Reputation and Achievements Jun 2020


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    East-west demographic divide in the EU: A regional overview
    Marko Galjak
    Stanovnistvo Jun 2018
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    Fight against the early mortality in Serbia: Finland as an example of good practice
    Marko Galjak
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    Ageing map of the Balkan Peninsula
    Ivana Magdalenic, and Marko Galjak
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    Amenable Mortality in Serbia and European Union – Comparative Analysis
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