Demographic Challenges in Serbia

Virtual exhibition of the Center for Demographic Research of the Institute of Social Sciences

Virtual exhibition “Demographic Challenges of Serbia” was conceived as part of the celebration of 65 years since the establishment of the Institute of Social Sciences. THe interactive figures show various population phenomena, such as fertility, mortality, migration and socioeconomic characteristics of the population, including demographic forecasts. The items are a direct result of the work of the associates of the Center for Demographic Research. The common characteristic of all items is change. The most important demographic changes in the past three decades in Serbia and their consequences are presented.

Program committee: Mirjana Rašević, Vladimir Nikitović, Marko Galjak Realization of the interactive charts: Marko Galjak

Fertility - dr. Mrijana Rašević (left) and Ivana Magdalenić (right).
Mortality - dr. Ivan Marinković (left) and dr. Marko Galjak (right).
Mortality - dr. Vesna Lukić and dr. Goran Penev (left), dr. Jelena Predojević-Despić and dr. Goran Penev (right).
Mortality - dr. Ankica Šobot (left) and Ivana Poljak (right).
Population projection - dr. Vladimir Nikitović.

An interactive version of the premature mortality in Serbia available at (in Serbian language).